* Hiring of freight transport services from the major maritime companies;
* Less-than-container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) services from and to any port around the world;
* Container and general cargo transport to port/ warehouse;

* Unstuffing and consolidation at bonded warehouse;
* Goods inspection upon unloading;
* Expert staff at ports;
* Payment of maritime companiesí services and port charges;
* Issuance of shipping documents;
* Agents in all five continents; and.
* Cargo International Insurance services.


* Hiring of freight transport services from the major airlines;
* Goods pick-up at the exporterís warehouse and transport from and to the airport;
* Delivery of goods received at the airport to any location within the country;
* Shipment labeling;
* General cargo and dangerous goods consolidation and unstuffing, from and to any destination around the world;

* Expert staff at airports;
* Door-to-door service;
* Delivery of samples;
* Issuance of shipping documents;
* International documentation handling; and,
* Cargo International Insurance services.


* Truck load (pick-up at and delivery to factory);
* Less-than-truck load (pick-up at and delivery to factory);
     Equipped and flat trucks, with railings and chassis;
     20" and 40" Standard/ Jumbo/ Open Top containers;
* Transport of containers for loading and unloading to any location within the country;
* Overweight and oversize shipments;
     Road-building equipment transport, special projects;
     Flat trucks, small carts;
* Contract of multimodal transport services;
* Ground service from and to:
* Cargo International Insurance services.

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