Argentina Transport is a service company made up of well-trained professionals who offer logistics and all other services related to the transportation of goods from the Argentine Republic to any destination, or from the world’s most remote areas to the country.

1. Inland freight at origin;
2. Warehousing at origin;
3. Consolidation;
4. Document issuance (bill of lading, freight certificate, debt-free certification, among others);
5. Customs clearance at origin;
6. International transport (air, ocean, ground, multimodal);
7. Documentary deconsolidation;
8. Bonded warehouses;
9. Customs clearance at destination;
10. Inland freight at destination;
11. Warehousing at destination;
12. Stock management and control;
13. Local distribution (Argentine Republic);
14. International insurance;
15. Full assistance in foreign trade logistics; and,
16. Expert freight forwarders (diplomats, personal belongings, books, capital goods, Fairs and Conferences, temporary, dangerous goods, among others.)

Value Added Characteristics:
- Expeditious transactions;
- Cost optimization based on economy of scale;
- Security; and,
- Permanent updated information.

Our network of agents in the departure or destination country provides the customer with detailed information to keep track of the merchandise.

Our Mission:
To be a leading company in providing solutions as to logistic transport, and warehousing, customs and local distribution services, targeted on domestic and international customers. In doing so, to approach our customers through quality and a high added value.

In a competitive and highly technified environment, the optimization of transport, logistics and distribution, and goods entry or release services will constitute a real added value.

• Commitment to customers;
• Expert and professional work team;
• Strict ethical framework;
• Attitude built on trust and respect;
• Clear quality and security policy; and,
• Responsibility to honor commitments to customers, suppliers and workforce

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