We are able to offer you turnkey logistic export and import projects, to and from any country in the globe, including triangulation to destinations not allowing direct shipment to and from its ports.

From Argentina, we pick up goods wherever they are located and transport them directly to the port of shipment. Likewise, we receive merchandise from abroad and transport it to any place within the Argentine Republic.

An Example of Special Project:

PET Machine Exportation

Logistic problem: substantial-sized machines scattered across the country, some of them either completely dismounted or only partially assembled, the weight of which made it necessary to reassemble the equipment.

Procedure Followed:

On-site machine inspection.
Classification according to the condition of the goods and assessment of logistic requirements (handling, reassemblage, cleaning, security, special trucks.)
Coordination with expert packing and transportation companies, to the transfer point (bonded warehouse) (custody and interprovince transit permit.)
Consolidation, repacking and load securing.
Coordination with skilled customs brokers.
Bonded warehouse to port of shipment inland transport (custody, transit permit.)
Coordination with loading terminal.

Besides formulating a specific plan for this special Project, we have professionals with expertise in the following:

* Rail materials;
* Big-sized cranes;
* Building materials;
* Dangerous goods (explosives, inflammable substances, among others); and,
* Ships, yachts, among others.

Should you have any questions about the possibility of importing or exporting your goods from or to any place, please contact us.

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