With experience gained in over ten years in the sector, we specialize in book and periodical management.
We participate effectively in the Professionals' Conferences of Buenos Aires, LIBER (Spain) and Guadalajara (Mexico) international fairs.

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It is part of our habitual business to consolidate merchandise at overseas loading ports, for its further shipment to suit the needs stated by our customers: Publishers, Distributors or Commercial Agents.

We pick up goods in any Spanish-, English-, French-, and German-speaking place around the world.

Thanks to our experience concerning this kind of goods, we guarantee our customers low prices, speed, security and effectiveness in managing consolidations and clearance for customs.

We provide advice to new participants of the book and publication foreign market. Likewise, we follow all the procedures to obtain the documents required by Argentine Customs in order to register the goods.

We carry out Ó fašon marking, labeling, unstuffing and list of errata works, among others.

Our work has acquired significance in the Argentine publishing market, where we serve over twenty different customers, the main publishers and distributors among them.

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